Bridging people

one community

at a time!

We appreciate your willingness to serve your community! We offer two (2) ways to volunteer: Event Volunteer or a Star. Learn more about both options below and sign up so you can begin to change a child's life today.

  • Events typically last from 45mins - 1hr
  • This can be a 1-time commitment or you can volunteer as often as you like. 

  • Although encouraged to give as much time as schedule possible, Stars are only asked to commit 20 mins in at least one program yearly​
  • Briefly meet with Program Coordinator to be briefed on needs of the children you hope to empower

  • Prepare a fun and age appropriate message for respective program

  • Proficient in Oral Communication 

  • Read Activity instructions prior to event.

  • Have FUN!
Event Volunteers have the FUN job!

They attend workshops, play games, and help Star with their presentation.  

get involved

'Star' is a term we use to describe professionals who give their time to one of our three (3) programs. 

Star's portray a positive image and a great example of what children can hope to achieve.

Become aN Event VOlunteer

become a star