Middle School Students have lunch with Hill staffer and meet with Senator Chris Murphy 

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  • ​About 80% [of college students] change their major at least once. On average, college students change their major three (3) times over the course of their college career (National Center of Education for Statistics)
  • 95% of students (13-19) said opportunities for more real world learning would improve their school ( Horatio Alger Association) 
  • 82% of mentors volunteer because they want to help young people succeed (Mentor.org)
  • 96% of existing mentors would recommend mentoring to others (Mentor.org) 

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Lunch with a star

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  • ​Once a student is interested in a career, our staff will connect he or she with a Star in that industry 
  • Prior to the lunch, educators are expected to work with students to help prepare questions
  • Students take notes on worksheet provided which is expected to be returned with parent/guardian signature  
  • Students also complete road map project on the steps to succeed in that industry and presents it to other members of thegroup (Parents are encouraged to attend)​

Students interested in a particular career get an opportunity to meet with someone in that field over lunch and learn more about that career. Students have the opportunity to learn about day-to-day operations, how someone became interested in the career, best schools to attend, and get specific questions answered. Unlike the Speaker Series, this program is typically held near a Star's place of work and will have no more than 8 students.
Many high school seniors enter into college with specific career goals in mind just to later realize that it was not what they thought it would be. Some don't even choose a major until their junior year, leaving little to no wiggle room to change majors and graduate on time if they decide the career they've chosen wasn't the best fit. Lunch with the Stars gives a unique opportunity for youth to spend time with a professional in a career in which they have interest prior to going down a similar path. 
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