Bridging people

one community

at a time!

  • Children are proven to perform 33% better academically if parents are involved in learning
  • Students from preschool to year 12 have the capacity to understand career development (Miles Morgan Australia. 2003)
  • 6-8 year olds have already begun to narrow down the number of occupations they are prepared to consider and 5 year olds can talk about the job they want when they grow up (Miles Morgan Australia. 2003)
  • Students attend numerous sessions (9sessions suggested but 4 minimum) 
  • Students will be given a worksheet prior to the start of each session for notes
  • Students are required to return the worksheet signed by their parent or guardian
  • After the final session students are required to give a presentation showcasing either their favorite speaker or what they want to be when they grow up
In many communities children don't have positive role models in their community and are not aware of what they can achieve. The speaker series brings professionals into schools with hopes to inspire them to reach for the stars. Suggested for elementary school although suitable for middle and high school.
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Speaker Series 

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How it Works:

In a classroom setting, professionals (referred to as 'stars'), come and speak about their career. Unlike a typical Career Day this is very interactive and focuses on much more than the career itself but also to include: challenges faced and how they overcame them, available resources, required education, positive decision making, inspirational words of wisdom, and a context and real application to what they learn in school today.